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We are officially open! Syracuse very own intimate event space!

Here we are, this came so fast! We've only been looking at commercial spaces for about a year and it's finally happening. We are so nervous and excited. We hope you love the space just as much as we do. It's bright and open. We love the Grass Wall install we did. So much parking available and we are a hop and a skip from Walmart! Who doesn't love the convenience of being nearby Walmart haha. Anyways see you guys today! We will be offering heavily discounted rates. A raffle to win a full-day rental. Light refreshments and one on one event questions and planning can be answered on the spot! xoxo Jontia

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Congratulations on your new business venture! I'm so proud of you Jontia.

May your business grow and bring you prosperity. ...

Sending you my heartiest congratulations again across the miles... on your new business!

Let The Parties Begin...Love You Queen!!! Na-Na

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